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  Guide for Customers
 1.Our Promise of protection for privacy.

TESUO Company will take appropriate procedures to strictly protect customer privacy in the business process.. Without agree from our customers we will not give any customer related information to the unrelated third parties ( including the company or individual). Our customer privacy policy to comply with international, national, provincial, state regulations. TESUO company sought to be consistent from beginning to end in the world to implement these policies. Our employees are required to comply with these regulations and policies, the compliance department will ensure that these policies and regulations to comply with effective supervision.


2.Customer Information.

When you register new account in our website, we began to gather your information that you voluntarily submitted to us. In process of registration you will be required to provide your user name, password, choice of enterprise information, telephone, e-mail and so on that can be used to identify the customer and to facilitate the transaction information.

In order to provide convenience use, we use Cookie and so on common Internet technology.

We will follow upyour update membership account about address, telephone and other information to keep your data accuracy, and more better service for you.


3.Using of Information.

We may use the information you submit to provide you requirement products or services.

We use the ownership information to provide you with information, products such as guarante, renewal plan, manual and notification.

We may use the information to provide our products and services.

If you asked us to provide specific customer support services or some parts to you, we need to provide your name, address and contact information to the third party, such as express or shipping delivery company.


4. Sharing of Information.

In order to meet your needs, in case of need, we only share the information with our affiliates and business partners.

When be requirements by the law, we will be in accordance with legal obligations to the government to provide your personal information.

After get your written consent ,when the government authorities in accordance with legal procedures require the disclosure of personal information website, this website will according to the requirement of the law enforcement agencies or for public safety purposes to provide personal information.

We do not sell, exchange or share information with other unit.


5. We will not bear any legal responsibility under one of the following situations:

You give your user name and user's password to others to share which led to the disclosure of any personal information;

Any hacker attack, computer virus invasion or attack, government regulation caused the temporary closure, so the network leakage of personal data, or lost, stolen and so on.

Any third party use your personal information and result personal information leakage.

Due to the majeure force that causes any consequences.


TESUO China welcome you to give comments and questions to our privacy protection system, we will make every effort to ensure that each customer's information security, thank you for your support!