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  Guide for Customers

1.What should pay attention when receipt the products?

When receive products, checking package first to see any damage or not? If have any damage, please immediately contact with us, we will contact with the shipping company to see it is shipping damage or not? If it is the shipping damage, since we have buy insurance, we need let them fix this problem. Please take pictures to show us.If package is ok, please check the products damaged or lost. If products have damage or products lost, you should immediately contact us also. Give us the details situtation and take picutures also.


2.How should do when found operation problem in the use of new products?

Be sure and let our factory technicians verified about the problem first., because users need to undergo specialized training to fully control the products.For new customers when products problems found ,in most cases, not the product problem itself but not skilled operation problem, so first, with our professional technology contact to verify it first.


3.If your address, post (title ), telephone or E_mail address and other information changes, how to do?

You can visit our website, in the "member center", " order " and " account management " to update your personal information, or call our customer service to ensure that your change informations are accuracy.


4.If have quality problem after use for a period of time, how to repair?

Please give us news in our website " customer service repair " column in the " online repair ", our technical staff will give you news within three days and they will help you to fix the problem. if the product during the warranty period, provide free parts to repair; if more than the warranty period or other special circumstances ( such as a parts replacement ), our technical staff will be based on the actual situation to ask corresponding repair costs.


5.How many time to ship it and how many time to get the products?

Time is based on you select which types and whether we have stock or not? Normally our production time is from 8days to 25days. The shipping time is from 15days to 35days. This depend on you are in which country?


6.How to pay After you have submitted your order?

Please check it from the website about payment.


7.How to know whether the purchased products are shipped or not?

Membership can check it in the order management of "my orders” to see status,our staff will be timely track and update your order status, you are welcome to inquire!


8.How to download the catalogue and video and so on?

In order to let the customers have more correct understanding of our products, we provide members download privileges. When registered or purchase our products ,customers will receive the corresponding membership award, you can also contact with us to give you right to download catalogues or videos and so on.


9.What should pay attention to when you select the products from our website?

You need know or tell us, you need which type products or your detailed requirement? your country have any special requirement about our products or not? Such as Euro customer, need CE Cert for some products. So you need select our products that have this related Cert. If not have it is ok, you need tell us advance. We just provide our current spec products, only when serious customer, or old customer ,we can try to meet special requirement.  So hope you can show us the serious spirit if you have really requirement if you have a lot of special requirement.  The other thing is you can pay attention to your target price. Sometime, you find good car ,but price is too high. So if you can give us your detailed requirement, it is more better.  Most time,we just provide our current website spec car. We have too many types, so you can try to spend some time to check all types. We believe most customer can find good and satisfed products in our website.


10.How to solve the common problem through our company's Website?

You can click our Website home page, you can check the technical articles and common problems to learning,this will help to solve related problems