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一、Confirmation and Acceptance of Terms

The right to the ownership and operation of this website belong to Shanghai Tesuo Industrial Co., Ltd. This website provides service will be entirely in accordance with the terms of service and operating rules strictly. Users agree to all the terms of service and completion of the registration process,then become the website official users. User confirmation: the terms and conditions of this agreement is dealing with the rights and obligations of both parties agreed, except in violation of national mandatory law, otherwise it is always available. When you give orders. at the same time, you have purchase these products right ability and capacity, and you also gurantee that all provided information to be true.

二、Service Introduction
Based on network services, user should agree( 1), Provide detailed, accurate personal information.( 2), Update registration information, timely, accurate, of detailed requirements.The website is guaranteed not to open the user's real name, address, e-mail and phone information about the user, except for the following circumstances:( 1), this website is disclosed the information under user authorization.( 2), the corresponding legal procedures and requirements of the user's profile
三、Price and Quantity

This website will make the greatest efforts to ensure that you can purchase the products that listed on this website.

Product price and availability are indicated on the website, this kind of information will change anytime.

You order the products, if out of stock or not produced again, you have the right to cancel the order.


The products will be sent to you according your shipping address. All the website listed delivery time is just for reference time, the reference time is calculated according to the inventory, the normal production process and delivery time in local.

Please clearly and accurately fill in your real name, delivery address and contact information. Due to the following circumstances cause order delay or failure in distribution, the website will unable to bear the responsibility of delay in delivery:

( 1), Provide false information and not detailed address;

( 2) No sign when delivered, the resulting duplication and distribution expenses incurred and related consequences.

( 3) Force majeure, such as: natural disasters, transportation of martial law, war and other emergencies.

五、Amend terms of service
We maybe will modify this user agreement ,once the terms and service content changed. We will show it in this website.
六、User privacy system

Respect user individual privacy is a basic policy for us. So we will certainly not without legal authorization from user to open, edit or disclose their registration and preservation information.

七、User's Account , Password and Security

Once the user is registered successfully, become the legal user, will obtain a password and user name. You can change your password at any time according to the instructions. Users need to be cautious and reasonable storage, using a username and password. The user if any illegal use of user account or the presence of security vulnerabilities, please immediately notify the station and to report to the public security organs.

八、the user information storage and limitations

If the user has violated the provisions of state laws and regulations or this agreement, the station as the case to suspend or terminate the right to provide network services

九、user management

This agreement according to national relevant laws and regulations on formulation of rules and regulations, the user agrees to strictly abide by the following provisions:

( 1), from the Chinese territory of outward transmission technology of data must conform to the relevant Chinese laws and regulations.

( 2), do not use this station is engaged in illegal activities.

( 3), no interference or confusion network services.

( 4), observe all use the web service protocol, regulations, procedures and practices.

Users must promise not to transfer any illegal crime, sexual harassment, slander others, abusive, threatening, nociceptive, vulgar, obscene, indecent information transmission; not damage national social public interest and relates to national security information; not transmitted abetted in the the behavior information.

Unauthorized illegal entry into other computer systems is prohibited.

If the user's behavior is consistent with the above mentioned terms of service, the station will make an independent judgment immediately cancel the user's service account. The user need to act on the web to bear legal liability. If the user in the station on the diffused reactionary, pornography or other violations of state laws in the information, the system may be recorded as a user in violation of the law of evidence


All notices can be issued to you through the main page announcement or email or regular mail delivery. User agreement amendment, service changes, or other important event notification form will. the network service content ownership

The definition of network service includes: text, voice, images, software, video, graphics, advertising in its entirety; the entirety of e-mail; this station provides information for other users. All of these content copyright, trademark, label and other property rights law protection. Therefore, the user only in the stations and advertisers can use these authorized, but not copy, these elements, or the creation and the content of the relevant product. The article belongs to original author and the station common to all, anyone need to reprint the home station article, must obtain the original author and the station authorization.

十一、the limitation of liability

As a result of force majeure or any other cause beyond the control of the station to this station sales system crash or normal use leads to online transactions can not be completed or missing relevant information, records the station will be reasonable as far as possible to help deal with the aftermath, and try our best to make the customers from losses.


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